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Brading-SolutionsBranding is key factor when it comes to doing business. We could always relate a company by its brand. Branding is definitely a broad category; but the most important out of the lot is your company logo. A well-designed logo can leave a lasting impact on your potential customers. And it is therefore the primary and most important task when you are starting a business or coming up with a new product.

The logo should be such that it should draw attention and should look simple and classy. Remember that you logo could be placed on a large hording or could be used as a favicon on your website or as an icon for your mobile app. You brand should reflect the ideologies and quality that you stand for. Once the brand is created then it should also be carry forwarded in all your marketing materials; including your website, presentations and other collateral.


Graphic-DesignEver wondered how the world would be without graphics. Remember your childhood School text books where everything in the book would be all text and no images. Instead compare the School text books of your kids. I am sure in today’s world graphics has received the needed importance. Just like a kid, we all do like to have graphics, either on your text books or on your website. Beautiful images and illustrations help us to communicate with our audience and it also creates an interest among its viewers.

Graphic design is all about the selection and arrangement of visual elements like images, colours, symbols and typography for conveying the ‘intended’ message to the targeted segment. There are no specific boundaries when it comes to using graphics. However over doing it could also harm you. This is the reason you need to have experienced and skilled designers who could do justice and create graphics that are neutral and pleasing across all ages.


IllustrationsUnlike images illustrations come handy when we need to explain complex subjects that are difficult to understand. That is the reason you see illustrations more on learning materials such as Text Books, eLearning modules, presentations etc. Illustrations are graphic elements that are drawn and this demands artistic skills.

Illustrations are usually created using vector software’s and this makes these illustration flexible to be used in several mediums. It could also be scaled for a large portrait or for mobile screens without compromising on quality. It also has a re-usability factor where individual illustrations could be altered and modified with ease. These factors puts illustration at a higher rank than Images.

With years of experience in working for K-12 education, I have been able to excel in the art of making illustrations specifically for the digital media.


Design-for-printTo run you business you need to have a good marketing team and in order to make them more effective you need equip them with marketing materials such as business cards, postcards, brochures, signage boards, envelopes, flyers, stickers, menus, invitations and other stationery that would carry your brand across.

If yours is a dynamic product or business that would keep evolving then you would also need designers who would help you to come up with printable materials within short notices. I work with companies and provide them design support for all their materials. We communicate with clients online, share the artwork over Dropbox or Google drive, incorporate client suggestions and send the final files to the clients printing agency. All of these task are completed with minimum time and avoiding delays.


PresentationCreating a PowerPoint presentation is definitely a child’s play. But creating one that carries your brand in style is something that you could benefit from. After all; your audience would definitely have to be impressed not just with what you speak but also with what you present on screen. You might have the best product but unless you present it in style you could not have much takers.

We can help you in creating graphically enhanced presentation in PowerPoint and we follow a systematic approach. We discuss with the client and capture all the needed text content for the presentation. Your brand identity and branding guidelines are also taken into consideration after which our designers would add the necessary graphic elements to highlight your product or service and compile them in a professional manner that is sure to impress your audience.